Sales Tax

Creative Cart has two ways of handling sales tax. One method is to use a tax statement and which allows the merchant to charge taxes later, or not at all. The other is to use online sales tax. Each method is described in more detail below.

Tax Statement

The tax statement method allows the vendor to enter a tax message which is displayed on the order that explains how taxes will be added, if any. This is very handy if taxes are built into your prices, if your products are tax free, or if you add taxes later based upon the item. The tax message used is what your company wants to display, not some canned message. With this method, no taxes are added to the total, and the customer is made aware that taxes may be applied later if they are applicable to the purchase.

Online Taxes

Online taxes are a powerful option for Creative Cart. Unlike competitors, with Creative Cart's online taxes, there are no tables or charts to fill out to attempt to approximate taxes. Creative Cart computes taxes as the sale is placed, automatically, based on the origin or destination's postal code. To set up online tax calculations you simply click the check boxes for:

  • Which state(s) to charge sales tax in
  • Taxes charged based on sale origin or destination
  • Taxes charged on shipping or not

Creative Cart then charges taxes based on your selections for state, county, and even city taxes based upon your selections. Creative Cart's online taxes are an easy to set up but very powerful, unique tool. For some merchants, minor charges may be incurred on their bill for using this tax method. See the Pricing page for more details. Online taxes are only available for Creative Cart's U.S. merchants.