Combination Buy Buttons

Combination, or as we like to call them Combo Buttons, are technically Advanced Buttons. Combo Buttons allow a single button to have a large numbers of modifiers in a small set of inputs. Doing so creates powerful buttons with simple user interfaces.

Combo-button Examples

The combo-button on the left has a drop down list that combines the part number, description, and price in a single select list.

Gift wrap ($1.00)

This one is the same as above, but illustrates the use of a check box as a price modifier for the combo-button.

Instead of using a discount modifier, this combination embeds the quantity and discounts into the drop down list.

Right Handed
Left Handed 5.00 Extra

This very robust button puts the part number, description, price, weight, specifications, and even tax exempt status into the first select (drop down) list. The second drop down simply adds specifications, and the radio buttons add specifications and price modifiers.

Gold Clubs $5.50
Green Clubs $4.00
White Clubs $5.50

Curved $1.00 Discount
Bent $2.00 Discount

Right Handed
Left Handed 5.00 Extra

This button is almost identical to the one above, except that it uses radio buttons instead of drop down lists. The top set of radio buttons are combo-button type and the other sets are simply used as specifications and modifers.