Basic Buy Buttons

Basic buy buttons are the core of what vendors use to sell their products on the Internet with Creative Cart. There is a tool in the Vendor Management Area called the "Button Wizard". The Button Wizard is a quick way for merchants to turn their products into basic buy buttons and get them on the web quickly.

Button Wizard

A vendor can put a product's information into the Button Wizard and it will create the HTML code for the button. Then the vendor can copy and paste the button code to their web page to add this item to a web page. The Button Wizard has "sticky" menus which can help speed up the process of creating buy buttons dramatically. This is used when the merchant has separate, but similar items. A nice feature of the Button Wizard is that after the creation of a button, the last button's information remains in the input fields. The vendor simply changes the few fields that changed from one product to the next and tells the Button Wizard to create the next button. This can eliminate many cut and paste operations, and typing of a lot of product information. Using the Button Wizard to put your products on your website is a great way to get started with Creative Cart.

Example Basic Buy Buttons

You can build all of these buttons yourself or use the Button Wizard to do them for you:

The button on the left is the simplest form of a buy button. When the customer clicks on this button, one single item is placed in the customer's shopping cart.
This is a graphical button example of the simplest buy button above.

Basic buy button with the addition of a quantity field.

Buy button with drop down box for a specify field.
This button uses radio buttons for the specify field.

This buy button uses a text field for the customer to type in information. Text fields can be used for customer configurable options like a monogram, a date, or a personal message.

Because there are nearly an infinite number of configurations, it is up to the merchant to layout the buttons the way they want the buttons to look, and to add the appropriate text around the buttons, such as the word "Quantity:" and "Select a color:" for example.