Creative Cart has many vendor selectable options to customize the shopping cart with. Many of these configurations are listed under their specific "Details" heading. Here, we have some others which we categorize together as they do not need their own sections.

Visual Settings

These settings allows the merchant to set up the way their shopping cart looks. Although remotely hosted SSL web pages cannot always match a site exactly, the options Creative Cart offers can approximate the look of a vendor's site. Creative Cart allows these appearance choices:

  • Merchant's Logo
  • Text Color
  • Body Background Color
  • Title Color
  • Title Background Color
  • Two Order Confirmation Formats

These can go a long way towards matching the Creative Cart shopping cart to a merchant's website design.

Minimum Orders and Service Charges

Creative Cart allows merchants to setup their shopping cart with these minimum order options:

  • No minimum order
  • Minimum charge for all orders
  • Service charge for undervalue orders

With the no minimum order setting, orders are placed without any extra charges. The minimum charge setting allows a vendor to setup their shopping cart so that every order will have a minimum value of their choosing. The service charge option allows the vendor to have a service charge on orders under a certain value, like "$5.00 service charge for all orders under $25.00."

Order Discounts

Order discounts are a great incentive to get customers to order extra products. A vendor can offer order discounts in the Creative Cart configurations. Order discounts can be based on quantity of items in the shopping cart or the value of the items in the shopping cart. The discount offered can be in dollars or percent. A discount schedule can be setup mixing and matching different dollars or percents based on quantity or value level. For example, a company selling greeting cards where all the cards have the same dollar value can offer quantity discounts so that their customers could mix and match the cards in their shopping cart and add a few extra cards to receive a discount. This would be like, "5% discount when purchasing 25 or more greetings cards, and a 10% discount when buying more than 50." On the other hand, a company selling vastly different items like auto parts, electronic components, or computer peripherals could offer a discount based on order value, such as, "$10 discount on orders over $100 and 25% discount on orders $500 and up."

Order discounts and service charges are independent of per-item discounts found in buy buttons. It is possible for a merchant to setup a per-item discount, and an order discount, and have a customer order a large enough quantity of some items to receive quantity discounts on the individual items, and have an order large enough to qualify for an order discount as well. For instance, a merchant selling bottles of paint could offer a discount on a paint when the customer orders 24 or more. The same merchant could also offer a discount on orders over $500. If the customer orders enough cases of paint from this vendor in a single purchase, they could conceivably receive both discounts.