Buy Buttons

The root of Creative Cart is the buy buttons that you add to your web pages. These buy buttons can be placed on your existing pages to make an extremely professional, flexible e-commerce site. Advanced users can embed buy buttons in a database driven website and buttons can even be created on the fly from a database back end.

The buy buttons themselves can be a custom graphic that the merchant designed, or can be plain text button. Plain text buttons can have any text on them, but we recommend that the merchant not be too cryptic. Good examples are "Buy Now", "Add to Cart", or "Add to Shopping Cart".

There are four basic groups of the types of buy buttons for Creative Cart. At the HTML level they are all the same, but we group them by how they are constructed for clarity:

  • Basic - Core buttons that make up the majority of shopping cart buy buttons. Basic buttons can have a quantity field, and a group of radio buttons or a drop down field or a text input field.
  • Advanced - These buttons can have any combination of form inputs on a single button. Many modifiers can be applied to the buttons to create extremely robust buy buttons.
  • Multi-buttons - Some vendors use this kind of button to allow the customer to add many items from a page to the shopping cart all at one time. An example use is a merchant who sells thread in multiple colors. Using multi-buttons allows the customer to find a particular type of thread, check perhaps 10 colors of it, and click a single buy button to add all of them to the shopping cart at once.
  • Combo-buttons - Similar to advanced buttons, these allow a single button to stack up large numbers of modifiers into a small set of inputs creating powerful buttons with simple user interfaces.

Please see the web pages for the four types of buttons to get a detailed explanations of how you can use each of them to sell your products effectively on the Internet.