Coupons are a great way to promote more business and Creative Cart has flexible coupon options. If the merchant has any coupons set up, then the shopping cart will allow their customers to enter a coupon code during checkout. When a vendor sets up a new coupon, these are the configuration options for the new coupon:

  • Code - This is the "name" of the coupon that the customer types in to receive their discount. You can make it what you like, but it should be something that cannot be guessed. Creative Cart suggests coupon codes that are difficult to guess. Each coupon must have its own code.
  • Discount - This is the discount the customer receives when they enter the coupon code. Discounts can be in value or in percent. Discount value (currency i.e. Dollars) by simply typing in the amount. Enter percentage discounts in the form: "7.5%" (without the quotes).
  • Expires - This is the expiration date of the coupon. Enter it in year-month-day format (YYYY-MM-DD). For example, a coupon that expires December 31st, 2007 would look like this: "2007-12-31" (without the quotes). NOTE: The coupon is valid on the expiration date until 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time.
  • Minimum (not required) - If you want a coupon to only apply to orders of a certain amount, enter that amount here. For example you would enter 50.00 for a coupon that only applies to orders of fifty Dollars or more. If you do not want to specify a minimum order, leave this field blank. This allows you to offer coupons like "Ten percent off of orders over $100."
  • Comment (not required) - This is a short comment that will show up on the order confirmation to describe what coupon was applied to the order. Examples of comments you might use are "Loyalty coupon", "Mailing list discount", or "Off Season Incentive". You can put in what you like, but remember, the customer will see this as a line item on the order confirmation.

Coupons override order discounts. An order can use either a discount or a coupon, but not both. Coupons can be reused, so any orders that contain a valid coupon will get the associated discount. Merchants can add as many coupons as they like, and can delete any coupon at any time, even if it has not yet expired.