Advanced Buy Buttons

For merchants who are more experienced in HTML or who have experienced web page designers, advanced buttons can be created. Advanced buttons are extremely flexible and are nearly unlimited in their applications. A merchant can have a single button with any combination of:

  • Multiple Radio Button Groups
  • Multiple Drop Down (select) Lists
  • Multiple Text Boxes
  • Tax Free Status
  • Free Shipping
  • Per Item (quantity) Discounts
  • Multiple Prices

Combinations of these can be used together to make a single button have many different meanings, outputs, sizes, color, options, prices, etc. There are even different ways to implement multiple prices. Multiple Price buttons can have a different price for each option, or can have a single "base" price and the options can apply price modifiers to increase or decrease the price.

Advanced Buy Button Examples

Cotton +1.00
Polyester -2.00

Sized +4.00
Rides up with wear -1.00

Prewashed +2.50

The button on the left illustrates the use of a base price button with modifiers, multiple drop down boxes, multiple radio button groups, a check box, and a text field.

This button demonstrates the use of per-item discounts. Per item discounts can be in percentages or amounts. In this example, as the customer changes the quantity in their shopping cart, a discount is applied in the format shown on the right.
Quantity Discount
3 1%
6 5.5%
12 10%

Gift wrap ($1.00)

This one has no base price, but instead allows the select list to determine the price (similarly to Combo-Buttons). Also notice the checkbox which modifies the price chosen in the select list.