Retrieving Orders

Unless the merchant has turned the configuration off, they are notified by e-mail when an order is received. There are two ways to retrieve orders. One way is regular order retrieval and the other is called "Direct Download". These two methods are discussed in more detail below.

Regular Order Retrieval

The normal way to get orders is for the vendor to log into their secure Vendor Management Area (VMA). Once there, they can select the "New Orders" destination from the pull down menu or use the quick link to new orders on the VMA home page.

In the new orders area, the vendor is presented with a list of new orders. All new orders are selected to be viewed by default, but individual orders or groups of orders can be viewed as the merchant prefers. Once the chosen orders are displayed, the merchant can save them to their computer or print them out. A nice feature of Creative Cart is that the orders will all print out on their own pages when the entire group is printed together.

After orders are viewed, they are automatically transferred to the old orders area. In this area, old orders can be viewed for up to three months (with certain limitations). Additionally, in the VMA, there is a search function which allows the vendor to find new or old orders that match certain criteria as long as they have not been deleted. Most vendors delete their old orders from Creative Cart after they get the order or when they ship the product as a security precaution.

Direct Download

Larger businesses can benefit from using Creative Cart's direct download interface which can be used to port Creative Cart orders directly into an accounting system, database, or spreadsheet. Although we provide a guide for direct download, it does also require an administrator with at least a moderate working knowledge of HTML and scripting or programming to implement. A company may need to hire a consultant to setup their interface to Creative Cart Direct Download API.