Split Hosting (tm)

Creative Cart's method of hosting is unique. Your web pages stay on your website and the CGI programs run on the Creative Cart web server. You DO NOT put your website or products on the Creative Cart web server. Creative Cart's Button Wizard will provide you with HTML code to place on your web pages (or you can make the code snippets yourself). Simply cut the "Buy Now" buttons that Creative Cart supplies, paste them to your web page, upload the new web page to your web host, and you're up and running. Your products stay on your website, so you have complete control over the look of your site. You can change your prices, product offerings, or website design as often as you like. You can even embed static or dynamically generated Creative Cart buttons into your own database driven website.

The way Split Hosting works is the buttons are placed on your existing web pages and reside on your web server. When a customer clicks on a buy button, it "calls" Creative Cart which is running on our web servers. The item referenced inside the buy button that the customer clicked on is placed in the customer's shopping cart. The customer can then check out, or click on continue shopping to return to your website to place more items in their shopping cart. A nice feature in the View Cart area is that the customer can click on the description of any item in their shopping cart and it takes them back to the page where they clicked on the button which added that item to their cart.

To put it in a nutshell, shopping cart programs must have back end CGI programs which run on web servers. Without Creative Cart this can be a huge obsticle because most ISPs won't allow you to run CGI programs on their servers. With Creative Cart, we run the CGIs remotely on our web server for you. The great thing about Split Hosting is that it is transparent to both you and your customer!