"Security" is a broad topic and it should be no surprise that there are many levels of security within Creative Cart:

  • 128 bit SSL encryption for all transactions
  • Linux servers
  • Internal network at a Creative Connections facility
  • Multiple firewalls
  • Security protocols tested periodically
  • Physical server access restricted
  • Sensitive information only stored temporarily - Some shopping carts store credit card numbers forever, making the payoff big for potential hackers. At any given time, there are likely to be only a few hundred credit card numbers pending within Creative Cart to steal, making the reward for attempting to hack Creative Cart's servers far less rewarding.
  • Additional encryption used on credit card and bank account numbers - Even if a hacker did penetrate Creative Cart, sensitive numbers are encrypted with extra cyphers which would take years to decode, making the effort hardly worthwhile.

SSL is the currect industry standard data encryption for e-commerce. Creative Cart has its own secure server site certificate, so sensitive data is securely encrypted before traveling over the Internet. The sensitive data is shared only with the merchant who is processing the order, and then it is purged from Creative Cart. Additionally, encryption is even used between Creative Cart's front end and back end servers on our own internal network. Before being temporarily stored on our servers, other layers of encryption are applied to sensitive information. Creative Cart is serious about security.