Setting Up Creative Cart

There are a few basic steps to setup and use Creative Cart to sell products on your website. By and large, even small businesses typically have a website about their products and a merchant account to sell their products with. Therefore, for most companies, the first two steps to setting up Creative Cart have already been handled in order to sell their products. This makes the work of getting products online and ready for e-commerce a snap.

These are the steps you will have to take to setup and sell your products online:

  1. Design and post a website about your products online.
  2. Obtain a merchant account.
  3. Apply for a Creative Cart Vendor Account.
  4. Set up your configuration options in your Vendor Management Area.
  5. Use the Button Wizard or construct your own buy buttons and paste them onto your product web pages.
  6. Post your website to your web host.

Our staff can help you with any of the above steps, so do not despair if you do not have or understand all of them.

Creative Cart Vendor Account applicant websites are screened before activation. We can not discriminate against vendors for what they sell, but Creative Cart will not willfully engage in illegal activities. The reason we review websites is to try to ensure we are not participating in an unlawful activity. For example, Creative Cart would not issue a vendor account to someone selling 'cocaine straight to your door'.