General Information

  • No programs to install or run - Most people and small companies are not allowed to run CGI (Common Gateway Interface) programs on their host's web servers, but CGIs are required to run shopping carts. Split Hosting(tm) relieves this requirement by keeping your products and your buy buttons on your site, while running the CGIs on the Creative Cart servers.
  • Creative Cart is fast, easy, secure, and requires no programming experience - Your company will not need the required full time staff to run a shopping cart.
  • Creative Cart Shopping Cart Service is inexpensive - Shopping cart programs are expensive to buy, and other shopping cart services can cost $100/month or more. If you add it up, the servers, the dedicated Internet access, SSL, the program, the training, and the staff required to run a shopping cart add up to many tens of thousands of dollars per year. Creative Cart is not even a drop in the bucket on a comparitive cost scale.
  • Creative Cart keeps the data secure - Some shopping cart services are not secure between the shopping cart server and you, the vendor. They even e-mail (unsecurely) your customers' private information! Creative Cart maintains a secure connection for the customer placing their order, and for you when retreiving the order.
  • You can easily incorporate Creative Cart into any kind of website to sell products on the web without changing the look of the site - Other shopping cart programs require you to change the look of your website to match their catalogs or their input routines. With Creative Cart you simply add buy buttons to your product pages that look the way you want. No catalogs. No templates.
  • Creative Cart is portable - You can change web hosts and take Creative Cart with you. Portability is of paramount importance to your web presence in this failed dot com world.

    Let us take a moment to explain why portability is extremely important to your company by using some examples. Your company might start out on a free web hosting site, then move to a paid hosting site, and eventually step up to a database driven website with a giant corporate presence. Using Creative Cart, each time your sites moves, the buy buttons will move with it. This allows a merchant to grow without any of the pains of reinstalling, moving software, and even changing shopping carts. Now let us consider what happens if you set up a website at a cheap web host with a free shopping cart. You establish your web presence, get yourself highly ranked on the search engines, and create a loyal customer base. Then the cheap web host does what almost all of them do - goes out of business. You have backups of your web pages and you post them to another web host. But then you find out that your new web host's free shopping cart is not the same one as your old web host's cart. Now you are going to have to spend weeks getting all of your products setup in a new, completely different shopping cart. Not only do you have to redo the work you did at the old host, but during this time your customers cannot order from you! This example is no exageration; this happens all the time. If customers cannot order from your site for a few weeks, they will order from someone else. Creative Cart's portability allows your customers to purchase from your new site immediately.