Some vendors use this kind of button to allow the customer to add many items from a page to the shopping cart all at one time. This can be a great tool if your customer purchases many related items at a time which can share a single description and price, but has many options.

Multi-Button Example

SuperThread is made of a mix of polyesther, kevlar, and goat hair. Spools contain 100' of this amazing tensile strength thread. Spool prices are found next to their colors. Enter the quantity and be sure to put a check in the spools you want to add to your basket.

Quantity Description
Red $5.00
White $2.00
Blue $3.00
The button on the left illustrates a multi-button buy button. The customer can check which items they want, type in the quantity if desired, and click on Buy Now to add the checked line items to the shopping cart in a single button stroke. This example includes some sample text to show how a merchant might use this kind of button effectively.