Creative Cart Requirements

Creative Cart makes selling on the Internet easy. But Creative Cart is just one piece of the secure e-commerce puzzle. There are some other items you will need in order to sell your products on the Internet. Most small companies already have everything they need to sell products online except for the shopping cart. But to be sure, here is a list of the other things you will need in addition to Creative Cart:

  • A website - You will need a website where customers can come to see, learn about, and purchase your products.
  • A web author - To have a website and to place the Creative Cart buy buttons on your web pages, you will need to be able to maintain your website, or have another person or company to maintain the website for you.
  • An Internet connection - You will need an Internet connection so you can set up your shopping cart and so you can securely retrieve your orders through a web browser.
  • An e-mail address - In e-commerce, your e-mail address is your link to your customers. Also, you can be notified of new orders by e-mail if you would like.
  • A credit card merchant account - Creative Connections (who provides the Creative Cart Internet Shopping Cart Service) is not a bank or merchant service provider (MSP). Without a merchant account, you will have no way to accept credit cards directly. Although you can use PayPal to accept payments and use COD, you will find your options much less limited once you have your own real merchant account. If you do not have a merchant account, we can help you obtain one.