Creative Cart Internet Shopping Cart Service

Creative Cart uses its own unique concept for shopping carts called "Split Hosting (tm)." Split Hosting allows you to add a secure shopping cart to your website while keeping your web pages, with your look, on your website. Even better, you do not need to install any programs or scripts on your PC or your web server. Instead, we have already installed the CGIs required to do secure e-commerce on our Creative Cart servers for you. And to make the service even better, we have designed our Button Wizard to format the shopping cart information into a simple cut and paste interface so you can get your shopping cart online in minutes instead of weeks.

  • Easy to use!
  • Secure!
  • Works with any website (even sites hosted on AOL)!
  • Installs easily on pre-existing websites!
  • Your pages stay on your site!
  • No software to install on your PC!
  • No software (CGIs) to install on your web server!
  • No programming experience needed!
  • Works with AOL, Front Page, Frames, Tables, and regular HTML web pages!
  • Managed from any system with an HTML web browser (Windows, UNIX, Mac, etc.)!
  • Works with nearly all merchant accounts!
  • No costly SSL purchase needed!
  • Button Wizard makes setup easy!
  • Shopping cart customizable to use your colors and logo!
  • Inexpensive!
  • Automated online sales tax! [US merchants only]
  • Online or offline credit card processing!
  • Shipping costs by order value, fixed cost, or by weight directly from UPS in real time!
  • Coupons!
  • Order confirmation templates!
  • Optional minimum orders values!
  • Optional service charges for small orders!
  • Per order and per item discount schedules!!!
  • Configurable customer payment options!
  • Integrated credit card processing terminal! [online credit card processing only]
  • Accept orders from countries of your choice!
  • Custom multiple choice or yes/no questions during checkout!
  • Direct download interface! [merchant programming required]

Split Hosting, secure order processing, cut and paste interface, and the very low cost makes Creative Cart the perfect e-commerce solution for small companies, home based businesses, distributors, and resellers. Larger businesses can benefit from using Creative Cart too! With Creative Cart's direct download interface, a large businesses can import their Creative Cart orders directly into their accounting system.

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