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The Pottery Site (#3)

The Pottery Site

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Ornate Pot

Ornate Pot $15.00

This is an example of a simple "Buy Now" button with a quantity field.

Vase $18.00
Oversize Shipping Charge $2.00

This is an example of a simple "Buy Now" button with a quantity field. This "Buy Now" button is the non-graphic button. The non-graphic button can be used with any of the examples below too.
Tea Pot (Cornmeal)
Corn Meal
Tea Pot (Emerald Bay)
Emerald Bay

Plain Tea Pots $20.00

This is a custom "Buy Now" button with a quantity field and a pull down field to specify a color. You can make your own "Buy Now" buttons like the red one shown here and the system can use them in place of the standard "Buy Now" buttons.
Small Pot (Sea Wind)
Sea Wind
Small Pot (Liberty)

Small Pots $15.00
Oversize Shipping Charge $4.00

Sea Wind

This is a "Buy Now" button with radio buttons to specify a texture.
Ring Box

Ring Box $4.00

The Ring Box can be ordered with up to 3 letters of script in the heart on the top of the box. Letters are in a medium rose that compliments the box. Enter the 3 letters of your choice or clear the text field for a plain Ring Box.
Enter your letter choice:

This is an example of a "Buy Now" button with a text field.

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